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Dr. Tim Vallier Ph.D.

This was an awesome video, I love fluency!

EDM Station

Looks promessing , lets see how it works!

PA74 Music

I'm new in this ecosystem, but I think it's really a great idea for communicate and share our skills.

Shellie Bowman

I enjoyed the message and its delivery. You can tell you've invested a lot of energy into getting it right. The beat was ok, I personally prefer hard 808s drums and barz, but that is my personal preference. Diversify your hook and play with the arrangement. The goal is to capture the listeners' ear within a few seconds. Remember, when DJs are spinning they usually don't play the entire song, so I should have been FEELING it sooner rather than later. 

Courtney Benjamin

Great video and very detailed on all the services.

Kolade Olamide

It is a good platform but I think social media marketing should be stepped up in order to create more awareness so both new artists and music curators can be using the platform. I will recommend email marketing and target marketing.

Edward Johnson

Assume people watching this video have no idea what Fluence is and has never used a site like it before.  Two groups of people using Fluence, Curators and Media Creators.  Start with basic explanation of each group and what they do/use the site for.  

Michael Neely


Thomas Erwin

A very professionally made video. It's informative, to the point, and keeps the viewer's attention. I say "like it" instead of "love it" because there's nothing particularly original or inspired about it, but it functions perfectly fine for what it is. 
If I had to list anything that could be done to improve it, I'd say the narrator's voice could be a little more engaging. 

I don't know exactly how you could promote Fluence more. Maybe more of a presence on Facebook? Get some posts sponsored? Also, I think this site has some technical issues to work out. So far, I've been unable to upload a profile picture, and Fluence totally failed to link to my Facebook or Twitter account. I got a strange list of code on my browser when I tried, and I get having to hit the "back" button.

Paul Marandi

Fluence will help artists get honsest, unbiased feedback which is is quite important for an artist , and also difficult to  obtain.

Dani Macchi

I think it looks great! Yet i do feel that a more upbeat-sounding speaker would have made the overall presentation more engaging and (why not?) fun. Also, i feel that a less busy music bed might have improved the speaker's intelligibility.

Douglas Baungratz

Para quem procura uma grana extra, fica a dica :)

Oren Gilad

Really excited to be joining the Fluence community. Looking forward to hearing lots of great new music, advising indie artists and helping bands reach new ears.

Denice Braccio

Great job with the visuals that show the behind the scenes of how the website works. I feel like the whole process is streamlined for people like me who get a ton of requests daily but you've created an easy platform which can provide an additional income stream PLUS benefit those I serve on a daily basis. People are motivated by many things and this platform hits on 2 very important ones: Save time and save / make money. Neither of these are discussed in great detail in this video and I believe they should be. I think the video also highlights a very important benefit "Fluence makes it easy to give helpful feedback and recommend..." as to me that is the highest value offer the video currently discusses from the platform to the people who submit stuff. I find the word "media" confusing however. I think i'd go with a word like "tips and insights from leading industry professionals or experts" as that's what I see as another major benefit across the board. Perhaps what might make for a better video would be to use a very specific example from start to finish. For example you can create one video that shows the benefit of an artist signing up, submitting a track, having it be reviewed, and then the artist getting the feedback and end result they desire. You somewhat show this in the video but the language doesn't match as best as it could. Something like, "Meet Brian. He is a mastering engineer who's looking to help you with your latest music project. Let's take a look at how Fluence works. Create an account and search for expert mastering engineers like Brian who meet your criteria. You pick Brian and upload your track for him to review. Within days you will receive valuable feedback, tips, and insights etc" This would be the video you'd promote to musicians looking for feedback on their music. On the flip side you'd create a video directed at "curators" to get them to join the platform because you are looking for users on both ends: people who submit stuff as well as people who review stuff or "curators" so you can make separate videos for each side of the coin. I might consider changing it from "curators" to "experts" however as it would increase the perceived value of Fluence and attract even more users. You did have a vetting process as I had to apply to be accepted so you already have a process in place to use that terminology :) 
I'm not sure right off the bat i'd recommend people's submissions to other "curators" as I thought the whole idea is for me personally to be the one to help if I accepted it to give feedback. Perhaps you can create some sort of community forum for "curators" to chat and connect.
To grow Fluence, I'd consider running targeted facebook ad's of each of the specific videos created to the market that matches that video. If I saw a facebook ad saying "Give valuable feedback to music producers in EDM and get paid for your time" I know i'd click on it right away to learn more because it connect instantly with me. This sentence is why I personally joined Fluence. Thank you for the submission. I enjoyed reviewing this and providing you with feedback. 

Jacob Nathan

This is a great, to-the-point video which explains everything going on here. Looking forward to seeing it in action.

Tommaso Dainese

The video is good but does not highlight what kind of activities have to be accomplished. Do I have to watch videos? Listen music? Read lyrics?

To attract more people you could highlight also the financial aspect, but I see why you don't. I mean, people should do it for the music. Not just for the earnings. 

Last. The video could be emotional. Message is clear, but the aspect collaboration (with other artists and professional).

General. Why not a Linkedin connection?

Malachi Burgess

This is a great innovative way to grow and build several ways in the music world. It very valuable to have people you can build and get advice on media, promo and industry views.

Stefania Fiorendi

very explicative 

Toya Tharp

great way to introduce the functions of your product.

Jerry Doby

I like the way the video gets to the point. It includes the Who What When Where and Why without overtalking. Clear and concise.

Leandro Vianna

The video is very clear and explanatory, and easy to understand for those who watch it.

Douglas Baungratz

I liked it a lot, I think the fluence is one of the brightest and most correct way to appreciate the right thing and disclose wisely

Emeric Dally

nice video

Jeremy Davis

Very good video. Very insightful for both sides of site users. Great intro for new curators. Might want to target some curators and artists for promotion of the site; to bring in more users.


Larry Simmons Jr

The video is straightforward and precise in its delivery. Gives a very brief but comprehensive overview. Thanks for sharing!

John Girgus

Worth every penny. 

YAWA Media

This is a good introduction to fluence for someone who was previously unaware of the service. I watched how the review purpose works when a friend introduced me to the site but the video shed more light on the submission side of things which is important as well. 

I would perhaps have a little info about some of the key influencers currently using the service and possibly some (non cheesy) testimonials about what made them come here. Other than that I look forward to getting started and advising artists while promoting my own releases. 


Zangba Thomson

I love the concept of Fluence because it bridges the gap between creators and curators.

Mörny Wörny

the video makes fluence look easy, quick and simple. Great job guys. Can't wait to start helping people out 


This is a great platform. I am excited to become a member.

Ben Until

A very concise introduction to Fluence and its main purpose.
Maybe too short.
Links to more informations would be great.

Paul Saunders

Way cool I love this concept

Mistah Rapsey

As an introductory video I feel the mission was accomplished. It was a short enough length that someone who was just curious about Fluence would take the time to watch the whole thing and in the minute it explains the basic concept quite clearly. As a curator who knew nothing about Fluence it would definitely pique my interest enough to explore further. 

One thing to perhaps consider is including a few examples of influencers who contribute feedback to the network as well as a few examples of clients who use the network.

Huia Hamon

Its the best way to filter through the onslaught of emails, keeping conversation relevant to music based mediums and connecting directly with the community. Love it!

Glitch Witch

Short, Succinct, and to the point. I absolutely love it. Getting your product to those who would most benefit from it is the tricky part here I'm assuming. 
My advice is to Post this with permission of course, to tech startups, product hunt members, web communities where people who perform these services gather.

Paul Mattis

Good overview video describing fluence and how it works. I like the fact that you can send private messages to each other to work on future projects too. Very cool.

Jason Clark

Great video, good flow and graphics used. The voice on the voice over could have used a little more energy, it came across kind of dull.

Brent Douglas

I love the idea of this program and I'm full of opinions. Can't wait to get started!

Samuel Riddle

Innovative platform that is really guided towards unbiased opinions. 

Kwame Kwaten

Yep its good.i think that its difficult to have just one style of promo though as there are som many different ways in which you can use the platform.SO maybe you can give specific different examples of how to use it -reaching out genre wise specifically to each separate market.

Sneaky Good Music

Sounds like an amazing opportunity! Especially because it is SO community driven. I was hoping to see some examples in the video of who connected to who and how it helped. Video was well directed and put together. Can't wait to start on Fluence, especially since you can control it on any platform!

Noah Williams

Very dope, music wasn't to bad and short and straight to the point!

Sean Sirianni

This video was great at very simply articulating what Fluence is used for, the features, and the interaction between creators and curators. I found this one minute video more helpful in making that clear than many of the other pages and FAQs on the site.

While it sort of alludes to the benefits for both parties, the value prop does not come across very strongly in this video. If the main purpose of the video was to educate and summarize for someone like (who has done a little research on the product) the functionality of Fluence, I think it's great. If the goal was to use this video to sell an individual completely unfamiliar with Fluence on signing up, I think it falls a little short.

In terms of growing Fluence further, my suggestion would be to focus on the curators, and encourage/reward them for bringing in new creators. In my own experience, many bloggers who you'd want to attract as experts already have a network of creators they are engaging with. By attracting one curator, and getting them to bring their network of creators, it may spur more efficient growth. Directly reaching out to these blogs and their writers and solidifying the benefits of them signing up with Fluence would be a good marketing lever to test.

Kristoffer Bang

Great video intro video. Informative and well edited. Only thing: i would have gone with a different speaker whom possessed a not so monotome( maybe even boring/unexcited) sounding voice. Looking very much forward to be part of this site! Best, kristoffer 

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