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Want My Love by Cathedrals

Alan Poyer

Thanks for sending this my way! Really nice synth choice for the downbeats : ) Definitely soulful, and is a superb match for the aching vocals. Solid beatsmith work! Reminds me of A Sol Mechanic's sound - one of my favorite west coast beat artists. 

Wasn't expecting the XX-style guitar entrance at 3:00 but it definitely matches the vibe. 3:49-50 right shimmer, then L/R together at :57 is a great touch - lends to apex that special touch.. I almost forgot to mention - great vocals for both lead and backing/harmony and superb production. Also digging 'Harlem' right now. 

Feel free to write me ( anytime if you have questions. I'm thinking. I'm not sure if you're looking for expert feedback, exposure, or both, but I'd recommend sending this to Ju over at Pulp:, Robert Duffy and BitCandy (, Peter Robinson at Popjustice (, and Disco Naivete ( If you're looking for a manager I may have some other possible recommendations, just send me an email anytime. Thanks again for sharing! Cheers!


Bob Moczydlowsky

I've been on record about Cathedrals before... quality stuff! 

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