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Time Stands Still by The Odd Chaps

Katy Walker

Definitely an epic vibe with that major chord progression and the synth pads, I could see in a GoPro extreme sports style video. Not sure about the vocals however, the patois is not the most authentic sounding so not sure if Jamaican people will like it. ;) The drum & bass mixed with the epic trance sound isn't totally my thing, but I'm sure teenagers at festivals and clubs will dig it. 

Sam Brandford submitted media.

Umbrella Funk (Beeachin) by The Odd Chaps

Leks Maltby

The interplay between the horns and the piano in the intro is pure magic. The beats are perhaps a little heavy-handed, especially given how contemplative the melody is, but they nonetheless infuse the song with some much needed energy. Likewise, the synth lead that kicks in around 1:15 is definitely welcome, and ends up sounding not unlike a heavily processed horn sample, in keeping with the other instrumental components found in the song. The effective use of simple repeating melodies and instrumental arrangements ultimately contributes to this song's incredibly dynamic nature, as parts are built up upon each other and then eliminated as needed.

Sam Brandford submitted media.

The Aurora Borealis by The Odd Chaps

Zac Abroms

Hi Guys, 

Thanks for sharing. I can appreciate what you're going for and I think that elements of your production are nice, particularly in the percussion department. I wasn't a big fan of the synth/organ tones, they lacked freshness. The structure and arrangement of the song is unconventional, but I suppose you have specified that it's experimental electronica which means the rulebook is more or less out the window. However, there isn't a massive amount of media out there who cater to this sort of thing so gaining exposure can be pretty difficult. I would suggest that perhaps soundtrack work might be something you guys will find work in. Overall pretty good work though. 

Phillip Yung

Hey! Thanks for reaching out. 

Nice to hear from you guys again, it's been awhile! I really dig this new song of yours. It's got a great ambient feel with simplistic percussion mixed in after about a minute into it. I'm glad you kept the percussion stripped to a minimum keep the composure of this ambiance. It reminds me of songs that are in the realm of liquid dnb, but slowed down a lot. 

Another aspect I really enjoyed is the unorthodox song structure. There is really not a definitive "chorus" or "verse" to say. You guys stayed away from turning The Aurora Borealis into a beat loop, which would have not worked in this particular style (in my opinion). I'm guessing you guys did this to capture the mysterious and organic form of the Aurora Borealis, which I appreciate. 

This song may be a fit for a new concept feature I'm developing called Feels Friday. I'll let you know if I will use it or not in the future! I can't really think of anything to complain about the song. Good stuff, nice tune.      

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