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Michael Hunter

It's very thoughtful of you to write a song on the subject, so that if anyone is in the situation, they can just post a link to it rather than have to say it to the guilty party themselves.  But then of course, if the recipient likes the song, they might want to see your band play which I imagine you would then have to discourage.  Funny thing, irony.  An easy song to enjoy, though.

Indie Band Guru

greta concept telling the truth.  Bands need to learn how to promote.

Chelsea Schwartz

Hysterical and oddly accurate. I love the personality, the concept and execution. Not only does this wrap up how I feel 50% of the time; But I have a strong desire to play this on our radio show, please get me a MP3. Would love to see a video for this track in the vein of: (we might even use it as Video of the Week). Great idea, thank you for sharing!

Achal Dhillon

First off, you get props for the track title itself and the tongue in cheek nature of the track. One of my favourite songs of all time is a track by a punk band called The Vandals about a very similarly subject matter.

The musical composition itself is a pretty basic acoustic guitar chord progression and piano melody, which seems pretty self-explanatory because I think you're trying to draw as much attention to the lyrics as possible, and it works very well in this respect.

Obviously the subject matter is hilarious - making local gig venue references like The Bull & Gate (I know, I miss it too) suggests to me that you're a flagging acoustic singer songwriter trying to hustle on the London toilet circuit. We've all been there; and in the best possible way, its nice to hear a track that you can imagine in your minds eye and a lot of new artists in London can relate to. An anthem for a very specific layer of people indeed.

The big criticism is that 99% of the world doesn't know or necessarily care about this rather underglorified reality of the music business that the lyrics pertain to here - and lyrics in acoustically-governed tracks are they key to drawing in listeners in given the relatively simple nature of the music, coupled with the need for a truly outstanding vocal. You need your audience to be able to relate to what you're saying in the message of the song, which can be about heartbreak, loss, happiness, bittersweetness etc. Really think about just how many people in the world who aren't struggling musicians can relate to being a struggling musician. And whether they get the references that you're making if they're not a struggling musician from London. 

Its very entertaining for what it is, and I imagine it would go down a storm at an open mic or student night, but in contrast it doesn't feel like a very "serious" song and therefore it is difficult to take it seriously.