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Andrea Young

Great video that gives an inside look into the energy that comes through in the track. The track is not our style but we appreciate the drive, musicianship, and how the track builds.  Just took a listen on Spotify and I like 'Breathing Fires', send a high quality mp3 to with 'Fluence Request - Artist Name - Track Title' in the subject and I"ll include on playlists and shows.  Looks like you've got a fanbase on Spotify and socials, and great that you've got a presave campaign going, that is all smart marketing and what we see as essential to building your fanbase.  Keep up the great work, thanks for your submission, good luck with your music!  

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Living Shadows by FLARES

Marc Alan submitted media.

Brian Hazard

Very nice! Reminds me of Celldweller. I especially love the dynamics.

At 0:35 and 1:33, there's a sense that the drums, or maybe just the snare, are sitting on top of the mix rather than in it. Maybe compression in mastering will glue it down and make it feel a little more massive, as you're clearly intending.

I suppose the effect is even more pronounced at 0:22 when the drums first come in. It sort of robs 0:35 of its impact.

As for the arrangement, it clearly doesn't feel like a complete track at 2:37. The pacing and structure of what's there totally works for me, but it feels like you're cutting a great idea short.

I have the sense that one could add vocals on top, no problem. There's no real lead, hook, or melody. That's not necessarily a problem, but you should be aware of it!

Thanks for sharing this with me! I look forward to hearing how it turns out!

Marc Alan submitted media.

Still by FLARES

Kevin Hugger

‘Still’ is comparatively short by post-rock standards but then it does sport the classic characteristics of the genre with a build sprouting from seemingly nowhere. The sting in this case is that the normally inevitable ear-wrenching apocalypse never materialises. In this case this is not at all disappointing especially if Flares have designs on a LP that can offer other distractions that give a well-worn template their own stamp of individuality. 

Matthew Linsky

It's a good track with a solid build. The mix could be a bit clearer though. 

Also, with an artist name like "Flares" I was expecting a song rather than a composition. 

Marc Alan submitted media.

Still by Flares

Alan Poyer

Thanks for sending this my way! I was actually just working on a playlist yesterday this would be perfect for. 

The short burst of life in the time this piece holds is unforgettable. Devastating in its somber beginnings, impactful in its serene resolve, and unwavering in that hope for tomorrow. A brief glimpse of light leaving the listener standing on tiptoes to see the next day through the jail cell of today.

I've included some recommendations for people who may be a good fit on the syncing / licensing side, and I'll certainly share on socials and include it in that upcoming playlist. Message me on Fluence if there's a download link I can get to - couldn't find one on your SoundCloud or site. before I forget, I'd also recommend fill out the Fluence description with a press release giving more details about who you are and what you're looking for. This post ( will help with a basic template on step 2, and feel free to shoot me any questions onFluence as well.

Thanks again for sharing. Cheers!

Steve Marchese

Stirring and emotive. Clearly there's a cinematic quality here but the dynamic of the build up really adds to the payoff when things break in near the 1:45 mark. Very nice. I appreciate that it comes in under three minutes as similar stuff tends to drag near the 6 or 7 minute mark without nearly the same payoff. 

Marc Alan submitted media.

Still by FLARES

Matthew Kratz

Very nice job! I really like this track. The pacing is perfect and it has a lot of emotion. I would make one suggestion - add a rising pad/synth or guitar that rises along with the drums to really accentuate that build.  Great job!!!

Marc Alan submitted media.

Brian Trifon

Hi Marc, This is really good! You should be proud! I love the ambient/filtered drone intro. I actually like that sound throughout as well as the reverse accents and the deep bass which fills out the bottom end.  

Minor details that I hear on my speakers that I can't tell if they are intentional. You have a click at 24sec, 27sec and 29sec on the drum hits (release portion of the sound). I think it's probably because you chopped them and didn't do a fade out. It doesn't sound bad, but I can't tell if it's intentional or not. If you're going to have clicks and pops it's definitely important to have them be a production choice and not an accident haha!

I generally like the cut-up drums and I think you did a good job with them, it has a bit of a retro DJ Shadow vibe to it, which I like, but I feel is probably the weakest link in the track. That being said,  it gets into to very personal taste territory so I can't say there is anything objectively wrong with them. Just keep in mind that if you're going to go the retro Shadow cut-up break direction, you want to find or create the absolute best sounding break beat you can get your hands on. Shadow or Amon Tobin or even Hybrid always find or make really really good break beats that they chop up. I think you could call this done as is -- but if you were going to spend more time on it, I think focusing on working on that chopped up beat -- just getting a different source loop/kit to start with would improve it. Anyway, either way it's really good work and I enjoyed listening to it! Particularly good ambient sound design! 

Marc Alan submitted media.

Dust&Gravel by Flares

Brian Trifon

This is great! I love the ambient intro that leads to the perch hit at :53sec. It's very dramatic and I was totally into it. 

From :56sec - 1:24 you go for a bold and powerful drop. You set up a fantastic contrast which makes this area potentially one of the most important sections, but it needs the most work IMO. You build up all this tension and then release with the contrasting drum hits and bass synth and glitches. The idea is f**king great, but the execution could use some polish. I think some of the emotional energy that you have in the intro could carry over into this "drop" section. Let each hit breathe and each element or glitch have it's space. Every sound and instant in this section is super important because it's totally exposed. Deliver that moment and make people yearn for the next sound. The snare fill at 1:02 sounds a little corny -- I think you can craft something better for that. I like the synth hit at 1:09. This section is so close to being awesome, but I just wish it was 10% better.

1:23 love this. great way to come out of the "drop" section and start to rebuild tension. Love the frozen piano note (?) at 1:36. It that really increases the emotional energy of this section. 2:02 Fuck yes! Here's where it all comes together. I like the drums and the contrast of their grit with the piano and ambience. The crash at 2:15 is not my favorite. I think having a crash at that moment is great -- but that particular crash sample I don't love. Great strings.

2:29 same crash -- not my favorite. Love the counter melody that comes in on the piano. Great phrasing and rhythm for the piano melody, also a very memorable melody.

2:57 Great transition to outro and piano + ambience.

Overall this is excellent. Like I mentioned that drop section is really the only area that I would suggest working on. If you can make every sound in the drop section call and respond to each other and really try to push the emotional sounds to contrast the visceral bass and drum sounds, I think it will be very powerful. 

I hope that helps!