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Godlike by PUZZLE

Mark Stein submitted media.

All My Love by Trudy

Stephen White

It's gritty, it's ramshackle and it's unique. The off-kilter nature of the track is well maintained, and the commitment to the aggressive indie sound makes for a great merger between songwriting and production. Uncompromising stuff. 

Leks Maltby

A Jack Johnson inspired intro, things quickly devolve into a wash of distortion to immaculate effect. Sort of a rockabilly meets garage rock vibe going on here, definitely a breath of fresh air in the current musical climate. The instrumental passage in the bridge section recalls early Arctic Monkeys, and maybe even some much earlier influences like The Shadows. This song stands alone in 2015 for it's unique execution and stylistic vision.


This is such a cool song.  I love it.  I would love to play it on the station. it is very catchy and can easily become a summer favorite.  Great work guys,  

Brody Ramone

I really dig this track- it kind of reminds me of a mellow Arctic Monkeys (which I LOVE!) The only thing I really had a problem with in the entire track were the vocals. They were sloppy and in some points difficult to understand. Perhaps ease up on the reverb a little bit and clean them up so it is easier to understand. I'm actually quite interested in hearing more from this group!

Disco Naïveté

This feels very, very Girls to me (Christopher Owens former project), which is nice, but you don't want to sound like an off-beat Girls to people. That's not the case so far, but I'd watch out for that. Then again, people love Girls and there's very few bands delivering such a solid, joyful indie sound right now. I love the way the vocal is produced (feels very high/screechy to me, which makes it cut deep - perfect).

Also loving the general TRUDY artwork (that crying woman is perfect) & this single artwork - continue this, it will set you apart from other bands heavily relying on simple photography. It can be your key thing, a thing people recognize you for. It also makes the music interesting at first glance & will get you plays.

I see you're asking people to sign up to your newsletter to get a song (smart!), but make sure to also attract them to your Facebook/Twitter/... to keep them informed & have those numbers in case labels show interest. Do interesting mail-outs with that newsletter & reward your early fans, keep them close to you & keep them informed on interesting things happening.

I see some music blogs already wrote about it, so try and get some more coverage for sure, maybe use a good PR that knows how to work with your kind of sound (it's not something for the general pop blogs, but requires a certain background/approach). I will definitely do a tweet on it.

Andrea Young

Lots of great elements in this!  The falsetto-ish vocals, the instrumentation, the tongue-in-cheek style, all right on.  May need further production/mixing/mastering to really make it shine.  The tune isn’t quite the earworm that I would look for, but I'm intrigued by your sound.  And not radio friendly as it stands – I don’t have the lyrics but I think there are some FCC-forbidden phrases in there!  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music!