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Petite Match Girl by Yod Mem

Aurora Berill

On his newest single, based on Hans Christian Andersen's tale "The Girl With The Matches", Claus Zinger explores a sense of hopefulness, guilt and innocence all mixed up together. The indie-folk sound is brought together by soft guitar melodies and contemporary instruments. 

The unique vocals are pleasant to listen to and the lyrics paint a fairy tale like scene about complicated relationships. The music video visually describes a twisted, childlike problematic relationship. Nicely produced with a good sound quality and a very interesting performance. I would like to hear more from this artist in the future!

Thanks for sharing your music with me!

Bob Lugowe

Definitely a dark, sad song with unique production and a haunting atmospheric ambiance layered throughout the track. I liked the vocal effects you used around the 2 minute mark and the choral vocals are a great touch as is the instrumental break at around 2:30. Even though I don't understand the lyrics, I can feel the sorrow and pain throughout the track. 

In terms of promotion, I would start by suggesting that you include lyrics (both in Hebrew and english), a short bio and links to hear more music / your social media in your Fluence submission so people can find out more about you. This is your elevator pitch in front of the right people so you want to make it as easy as possible for listeners to get the full picture and find more of your music if they're interested. The same should apply when you're promoting your music to a fanbase so you should update your youtube video so it includes links to hear more ideally "above the fold" so people can see it without having to click "see more" on the description. 

If you're not already, be sure to use all of the available and FREE artist tools across the DSPs like Spotify for Artists, Apple Music for Artists, Amazon Music for Artists and Bandcamp's artist platform as these will provide great insight into your fanbase, how your music is performing and allow you to optimize your profiles and pitch for inclusion on playlists in certain instances. If you're looking for more promotion and building a fanbase you should consider hiring a publicist or a marketing firm that you feel you can trust and is a fan of your music to help with the release of your next single and/or album to help you get visibility on blogs, playlisting, etc. If you're not already on a label, consider trying to get signed to one as they can help you with the promo and playlist pitching. Once you're able to, you should also perform live or do online performances until then to build a fanbase. 

Best of luck!

yochay mocsari submitted media.

Yochay Motsary יוחאי מוצרי by 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Mike Mineo

Idiosyncratic beginning, with weary and shaky vocals - though enjoyably so - traversing across a playful assortment of funk-tinged keys. Nice transition signaled by the "the switch turned on and I'm okay" -- with 01:08 showing an avant-garde, jazz-tinged percussive accompaniment to the playful keys. It makes for a nice transition, helping enhance the multi-layered vocal of the 1...2...3...4 counting that follows. The style reminds me of psych-friendly pop played through the lens of a carnival-goer on hallucinogenics. Hypnotic and creative, this is a track that I enjoyed listening to, with a nice stylistic approach that fits the obscure tag for certain. Since you specified in the submission needing help promoting this, feel free to reach out to me at mike@obscuresound.com to inquire about my PR servicing's rates and success stories. Thanks for submitting! -Mike

Huia Hamon

Very quirky, almost humorous with the lyrics. For the style which reminds me of Conan and the mocassins, the music and video sync really well. To push it through for more commercial success, more care on the vocal recording will really lift the whole track. Thanks for the submission!

yochay mocsari submitted media.

Adele WIERDEST Cover by Claus Zinger

Christian Lane

Yeah, weird. Interesting experiment. Timely social media piece. 

Tyler Martin

- aha wow, funky, it really comes in strong
- beats got my head bouncing, very groovy
- and trance like, I feel myself getting lost in the song
- wow, and the chorus stands out perfectly, like without standing out too much.
- this is a really good tune
- what program do you use? (DAW)
- where are you based? Continue to send along new music, I am interested to hear more
- LOVE when the voice gets more "roboty-electonricy"
- and ending with the nice classic guitar sounds is really nice
- this is super punk, im really into this, going to go search for the download
- weird ending, but I think it fits the song perfectly! 
- very cool stuff
- continue to make music

Carlton Boyd

Hi Claus. I really like this track. It kinda has a David Bowie vibe to it. Your vocals are filtered and automated and I appreciate that you're trying something different. I'd love to hear more from you. Feel free to submit some of your original work to my website DOPECAUSEWESAID.com at cboyd@dopecausewesaid.com for a feature. 

Stephen White

An interesting take and re-imagining of the original. Would be interested in hearing something original done through this same production and approach. 

Mike Mineo

Great, interesting take on "Fire to the Rain", Klaus -- your idiosyncratically melodic vocals are a great fit for this composition; the growing weariness in your voice around the one-minute mark upon the entry of Castlevania-esque synths prove eerily effective, as does the robot-like vocal effect around a minute later. The harp-like effect around 02:30 provides a graceful melodic twist, as well, that provides a nice lead-in to the more barren post-punk conclusion. This is an enjoyable stylistic journey that traverses many paths in a short period, making it certainly one of the more interestingly effective covers I've come across. Thanks again for another quality submission.

yochay mocsari submitted media.

Jennifer McGillan

This is without question the most unusual cover of this song I have ever heard. I respect it's jagged ingenuity and off-kilter swagger but am not sure if I actually liked it or not. I'm baffled, but I think it counts as a success.

yochay mocsari submitted media.

12345678910 by Claus Zinger


Just for fun: "And what movie is this in again?" Fantastic!

Tonspion Music Magazine

Thanks for the input! After getting used to the quite unconventional voice (I think you know what I mean), I heard a lot of good old Nick Cave and Tom Waits on this track. Artists I adore and admire. So you had my attention already. The problem I hear is the voice, Cave and Waits are extraordinary vocalists and great story-tellers. You recognize them the moment they open their mouth. 

I miss this quality on this track to be honest, since I am very focused on vocals in general. So I definitely like the weirdness and the creativity of the song, but I do not really like the voice - which is just a matter of my personal taste of course.

Martin Bryant

Really nice vibe to this. I couldn't tell if that was a sample or an original vocal until I checked out your other songs on SoundCloud. Really unique voice and it works well with the intrumentation here. I like the playful ways you mess with the vocal through effects as the song goes on. If I was to be picky I'd say there could be more progression with the instrumentation to keep interest levels high throughout, but in all it's a song that really works as a cohesive whole.

Amazing Artists

Hi Claus,

Quirky! I like the production ideas here, especially the stacked vocals stuff that starts accentuating parts from 1min 30 seconds and the BIG reverbs, filters etc after that point. It pulls off a cool vintage feel in a modern way.

I don't think it's likely to make our playlist, as it's not an obviously radio-friendly kind of track, but it's probably worth your time uploading it to AmazingTunes.com for one of the more experimental shows to discover, for example I think Kathryn Tickell could possibly like it, or maybe Frank McWeeny.

Thank you for sharing it!

Matthew Linsky

I love how left of center this is! It's different, unique, and brimming with character. However, the quality of the recording could be drastically improved, the mix especially.

It's difficult these days to do everything yourself, and it's expensive to hire top notch producers and engineers, not to mention the cost of a quality recording space, but I really want you to succeed. I don't hear enough stuff like this these days and I admire the risk it takes to go out into left field and catch lightning in a bottle, so please do find a way to up your production quality. 

Until then, keep on being delightfully strange and perhaps one day, like Wesley Willis and Tom Waits before him, you'll lay claim to a previously unexplored niche of creativity.

Stephen White

Bestrides the experimental and electronic divide very well. The track keeps enough control over the array of ideas and creative expressions that comprise it, to make for an interesting and never overbearing listen. Strong on ideas, and strong on execution. 

Jakub Adamek

Utterly strange, yet very compelling and emotional. While the idea of combining blues lyrics with fried, glitched-out electronics may seem terrible on paper, in practice it works - imagine Jandek replacing his guitar with some cheap synthesizers and you get Claus Zinger. And those organ licks are ACE!

Disco Naïveté

Really solid track - it's different from everything else out there, which is intriguing but remember you'll need to really convince people with what might come off as 'weird' to them in the beginning. You don't want to be put in the weird corner of the internet, as that's not what this is, could really speak to a broad audience but the sparse production and different vocals might put some off. Strong track, simple title that speaks for the track and overall really interesting.

I see you already released an album. Depending on what kind of impression you want to make ("starting from scratch" or "been around for a while, trying something new") it's important to hide/show this record you've made. Especially if the older music is very different in style and genre, I'd consider maybe hiding it for now - not because you should not be proud of it, but because you want to introduce people to the new, current you & not confuse them with different kinds of material. 

Kami Knake

Has a cool vibe and unique sound. The vocals, lyrics and music quality are solid. I don't love that melody, but I think this artist has potential to make future songs I like. 

Bo Caldwell

Lets start with the positive.  I appreciate the eclectic mix of music genres in this track.  Blues/waltz/electronic? Trippy!  I think most music artist focus on writing songs that are palatable to a overall genre or demographic... which unfortunately more than not stunts creativity and exploration in music.  So for going out on a limb to do something different I give kudos!  Also... I did the overall sound of the lead vocals.

Unfortunately, although I can appreciate music like this it is really not something I feel will go over well with the overall public.  Fans of yours? Sure. Music snobs who appreciate music as a whole? Yes.  Joe and Sue down the block streaming music while doing whatever... chances are they may hit the skip button.  Just not the assessable for most people.

That said, because it IS a bit different/quirky and dare I say hip... I could easily hear it being used in some film/tv placement somewhere.  The track would sync up neat next to the right scenes.

Best of luck, be well and if you need anything else you know where to reach me!

Sean Tizzard

Thanks for sharing this. Wasn't sure what to expect but I think you're on the brink of a new genre there - the vocal recalls a sort of timeless blues reggae approach - it could be lifted from any era from the past 80 years - but over the top , traditional instrumentation is eschewed for an altogether modern, skewed electronica. 

Shall we call it postmodern electronica blues? Whatever it might be labelled as, I'm hooked on this new drug... 


Mike Mineo

"12345678910" is a suavely melodic track that features bluesy vocals, a mellow bass line, and organ-y synths. It's impressively more electronic-leaning than the art-folk of previous efforts like "I Went Down the Road Today", allowing invigorating life and atmosphere to flow through the track. I'm really digging this particular stylistic direction; stylistic choices like the 1-2-3-4... hi-fi counting chorus of sorts around 01:20 is remarkably well done, making for a great hook. Your stylistic reach continues to impress me for sure. Great work! Look for a post up on OS sometime this week.

Tillie Elvrum

Different!  I like the simple production -- and the track really finds its groove after the minute mark.

Guy Thompson

Liked the sparse and clear instrumentation and the variances in sounds that threatened to pull the song apart but actually drove it on. Well produced as well I thought!

Haydon Spenceley

This is a pretty intriguing track Claus, thanks for sending it to me. You caught me out as I was expecting bluesy guitar, and I got keyboards and programmed drums instead. It took me a while to get into your style, but by the middle of the song I was thoroughly enjoying myself, particularly the two sections where the piano solos. Also, I hope your heart is ok!

Sean Adams

This is strange but I like it. Can't quite put my finger on where to put it - and I'm sure the image is intended to be misleading. Not really sure to suggest as I'm a bit thrown by this. Would say send it to luke@thequietus.com as I suspect it'll be right up their street, and to maybe target people who are into Ghostpoet and maybe some of the dubbier like The Bug and Kode9. Sorry for not providing my helpful feedback but I'm a bit thrown by this.

Daniel Oakley

Definitely interesting. Needs some work on the lyrics - blues should either tell a story or a have a solid hook. It's interesting that the music bed is electronic too. You'd usually expect a bluesy guitar riff over. Maybe try that too. 

Daveit Ferris

Perpetually unique; i don't think i've heard anything quite like it in all honesty. I can only liken it to something i imagine would be in Jack White's vault of unreleased music [or perhaps Prince in one of his rare moods]. The instrumentation is sparse and irregular; but it actually suits this song for this reason alone. The production is also a great fit for the track in terms of not being too polished.

Although i liked the '12345678910' refrain that kicks off the song - i like it even more when it's harmonized around 1:21 - i think this harmonized refrain would be a much better option to kick the track off with; it'd really grab the listener's attention a lot more from the outset.

The outro stands out for me [from when all the music drops, followed by the repeated use of hi-hats and the piano] as the best part of the track. I'd be tempted to slip even a section of this into the track earlier as an allude to the upcoming outro.

Lyrics are something i feel could be improved here though. I have no doubt the writer wanted them to sound quite middle of the road with talks of cleaning the house etc - but a bit of artistic license could pique and keep interest a bit more.

All in all, and after a handful of spins, i can honestly say that i quite like this one.

Kristin Pedderson

This is an interesting track.  Very decorative in production with unique nuances in places that make it interesting along with the lyric. I am not sure how long it is, but I did have the feeling that keeping it short, would make listeners want to play it again. Something just under 3 minutes. Even so, it is fine where it is.... just a suggestion. Very artsy and artistic, and a good album track. One last thought would be to perhaps fatten it up underneath with an interesting pad or two.  That would flow and support the vocal and interesting production nuances. Again, just an idea. 

Jared Lee Gosselin

At first listen I thought it may be possible for a children's song. 
The mix and production could be cleaned up as well. 
Interesting song. lol

Kenn Richards

I really like this.. It's got great atmosphere and the song is solid if a little left of center.  At first the keyboard sound threw me off, but by the end of the track I thought worked well enough! Would like to hear more. 

Steve Marchese

There is A LOT going on here in terms of genre soup, but the first place my head goes is to a soundtrack for as yet to be made Jim Jarmusch film. There's something very quirky and cinematic about the track. It doesn't stand alone for me as something I'd throw on a mixtape, but as someone who's done some Music Supervision in the past, it feels like something that would be successful accompanying imagery — tv or film. 

Paulie Hips

This is fantastic! Reminds me of Andre Williams- Just less raunchy and not as heavy. Solid soul and honesty all the way through. I will buy this record and play it on the radio. Would love an interview. I can hear the grit and beauty in the voice. I appreciate when an artist is exactly what they are. Nothing contrived here. A bit junior Kimbraugh in there as well. The Black Keys should give this a listen and get back on track!

D Grant Smith

This is as experimental of a track as I've heard in a while. It's hard to figure out where the song is going, or what it wants to be. Yet, there is an intriguing element to it,  both in the synth-built effects and in the melodic changes.

Ola Bogg

Pretty good, but for me the song never really takes off. 

Zachary Gelfand

It took a while for me to get into the song, but once I did, it became very interesting. It's definitely an original take on your traditional "blues," which can be off-putting at first. However, the sound grows on you and you learn to appreciate it.

Jennifer McGillan

I think: interesting fusion of genres. The bluesy vocals really snap against the minimalist background.

Olga Knapinska

This is definitely an interesting approach to making music. I’d say some people would find it difficult to say if it’s really bad or just amazing, because the line between bad music and musical intelligence is sometimes extremely thing. However, even if this tune was created without thinking of its artistic value (maybe not, I don’t know), I see a lot of elements of modern art in it and... to be honest, if I was a visual artist with exhibition in a modern art museum, I’d 100% choose this as the soundtrack to my art. Not for everyone, but definitely intriguing.

Gianluca Abbadessa

There's something interesting in this track and I've found it in the wah-wah effect on the chords played by keybord which adds colour and thrill to the pathos of the song. What this song makes me imagine is a sort of arrangement in a modern way of Noir-movie soundtracks.  When the song comes to end, I feel jest like something bad happened during the time of the song ;-)
The only thing I'd change is the vocal session, in some moments is very impactful, in other ones weaker, in my ears it seems a lack of rythm.

Cory Hogan

At first listen, love the bumbling beat you've got going on. The overdriven sound is really nice as well. Although, the vocals, at times, seem to become a bit harsh on the ears frequency wise. The count from one to ten with the layers and panning create a huge sound that pulls you into the music and really excites the middle of the song. I'm actually really impressed with the overall production and the creative ideas within. The panning of vocals helps create "fresh" sounds within the beat and the transitions are spot on. This really is a roller coaster of a beat with fantastic transitions and a great overall progression. Fantastic job, the attention to detail is phenomenal.

Mal Williamson

Fabulous sonic world - fresh and modern with roots in some kind of honky tonk stomp blues thang.  Add more soul to the vox... I think you are holding back the pain in your voice...succumbing to a comic/ironic edge. Not for me please - go for it - pound that heart! Feel it for real. Record in the saddest state you can. Make it real - perform less and feel more. Great arrangement too - zany and solid at the same time. This is why the voice can be really blues sad soul for me - genuine pain.... you have more to give there that will make this real. The music/voice combo is ace - love the potential of this. Record a new vocal track or three and edit them to get the soulful feel. Then you could bed them down a touch into the mix... just a touch volume and some softening reverb to bed it in a touch. Great stuff. Look forward to more.

Ed Foster

Hi Claus,
Thanks for putting this up. My initial reaction is I LIKE THIS. I like its delicate quirkiness. It has some endearing qualities and the bass line keeps it pinned down.

I think you could  just make the quirkiness more prominent. Some raspier instrumentation; more of the breaks in between the vocal lines.

Great stuff though and I'd love to hear more. 

I think go to town with this

yochay mocsari submitted media.

simon illa

The visual is really awesome on this.   The song reminds me of some of the great early alternative/new wave music in the 80s which is a great thing.
Musically the production could be a bit more dynamic.  Subtle changes in the music more often or even a few dramatic ones will keep the listener interested.   The instrumentation and vocals really fit the song but if you could find ways to build the dynamics in certain parts it would make the song a bit more dramatic.  You want to take people on an emotional roller coaster with this one, especially seeing the visual along with it.   Overall very cool and refreshing musically.  

As far as promotion there are always the obvious routes of facebook, Google+, twitter, etc.   make sure you have a soundcloud post with the song but link to the video.  

Also with a song like this I would seek tv/film licensing opportunities through non-exclusive licenses with companies like marmoset, crucial or affix.   Make sure you are registered with a PRO (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC) so you can get your royalties.  I dont mean to assume you dont know that but some artists are unsure how to monetize their work.

Thanks for asking me to check this out.  Let me know if you have any more questions or need more feedback!

Larry Lootsteen

Great opening!  Dark and intriguing vocals.  I find the droning keyboard segment near the beginning a little off-putting but nothing major.  Favourite bits around the 3:27 mark.  The one thing that makes me not love this song is the endless repetition of "If you only knew" which takes up half the song.  I'm fine with repeating  moments but this takes too much of the song.  Makes me lose interest.  A second section earlier in the song that uses the same structure from 3:27 might add a little drama upfront and break up the drone of "If I only knew".  I really like this a lot.  I think a few tweaks will make it great!  Definitely on the right track here.

Dan Salter

Not really my usual sort of thing but I liked this. Great vibe, catchy melody & great video.

Zachary Abzug

the punch looks pretty fake, and the video moves really slowly (e.g. too many reaction shots or static shots) for the ~30 seconds afterwards. i really like the vibe of the video and the film noir style (plus the twist at the end), but i think there is too much slow-motion overall. at times, the video felt like it was dragging behind the song.


Not a big fan of the song, but the video is very vintage.

Danielle Look

The black and white catches my attention, the mystery of the music and the scene keep me watching - "what will happen next?!" I wonder.

Lip syncing is a little off, and distracting, in the beginning.

But the overall plot of the video kept me hanging around to see what happens. I definitely didn't think the woman was going to end up shooting. I just wish I knew what was in the box.

Musically, I didn't dislike the song, but I didn't fall in love with it either. I like the emotive nature of your vocals and I like the production on the track. This is more engaging and fun to listen to than a singer-songwriter track; seems the emphasis is on the sounds and instrumentation just as much, if not more than, the lyrics. Although I did like the lyrical support from the typewriter.

The tone of the song matches the tone of the video. It's a nice visual to go along with the song.

I did click the link below to "read more" about your video, but I didn't have permission to view it.

Brendon Veevers

This is a cool track. Love the video - story vids are so much more effective than standard videos that most musicians churn out - love that it is in black and white too. The songs instrumentation is pretty awesome - love the 80's synth - very Blade Runner/Vangelis - and also the brief, funky guitar riffs that shows up here and there within the track is very effective. The vocals style isn't what I tend to gravitate toward but it definitely suits the dark melodic structure of the number. Pretty memorable track overall. By the way - the bad-ass secretary in the video rocks and the acting is admirable! I've featured the video on Renowned For Sound: http://renownedforsound.com/index.php/music-video-claus-zinger-if-you-only-knew/ 

Wynona Grant

Really dark sound. Sort of eery, action/thriller film soundtrack vibe. 

Tone of the vocals sits on the instrumentals really well and adds to the atmosphere of the overall track.

The Film Noir video translates the song perfectly and just backs up everything the song's ambience says. Really nice collation. Top work!

Billy R. Preston

Very entertaining and well done in many ways.  The vocals are obviously abnormal in their delivery and that's what's appealing about them.  Certainly they are not meant to be pretty or soothing.  My favorite part was the section between about 2:42 and 2:52, as there is a certain intensity about them at that point that was wanted in the song.  Other than a few keyboard flourishes here and there the rest of the music is adequate and mixed well although not terribly daring or adventurous.   The focal point is the vocals and nothing else really detracts from that.  It works well in that way as the spotlight can only be on so much at any given time.  The listener will naturally be drawn into the overall (good) strangeness of the vocals which are the focus here.  The video works well, obviously, with the song and the twist at the end was unexpected and nicely played.  I was entertained and in that regard you have succeeded where so many others fail.  Thank you again for continuing to send your work this direction.  Hope to see more of your work and your music soon in a film or television soundtrack.    

Zachary Gelfand

I really liked the song and the concept of the video! A few things that could maybe use improvement are the following:
1) The transition from drama into the song could have been smoother - it was almost startling.
2) Make sure the cuts that make up the punch sequence match on the action. Seems a little choppy and loses a sense of realism.
3) When the two interrogators are shot, it is a little hard to follow. Perhaps have a shot of the gun right before the first one is shot or in between the two getting shot?
4) Maybe have a final message on the typewriter at the end of the video? Could have impact, but also could create a cliché moment.

Rob Webb

Vocal sound is maybe an acquired taste (a little trace of Future Islands' Samuel Herring on the grittier moments, perhaps?), but some really good melodies and another strong video to accompany it. Not entirely sure about the ending though, seems to go out with something of a whimper when perhaps another repetition of the chorus or an instrumental break might better serve the dynamics of the track.

Craig Dennis

Really liking the vibe and the sound of your track. The music video is well shot and really fits the track. 

John Masters

Nice production value, sounds sort of old school 80s goth-y but not too on the nose.  Synth riffs (I assume?) are pretty good and hooky.  Interesting lower register backup vocals, very Leonard Cohen style. Noir video makes sense for this vibe as well.

Jahn Beadle

Interesting video, I like that its an art piece and the footage is able to keep me watching to see the conclusion.  Visually I like the overall aesthetic, i'd maybe suggest a little more contrast between the light and dark as the video as a whole is just a little dark visually.  The music is nice and reminds me a little of some 90's Echo and The Bunnymen or something along those lines.  It's good writing but I do feel like the sound is a little bit dated and could be brought to a more current sound using some alternate instruments or synths.  For a debut this is good quality and has good unique identity and quality that will help you to build a following.

Lewis Lister

This track sounds a little like what would happen if Modest Mouse & Arcade Fire got together to cover Davide Bowie's 'Cat People'.  I love the simplicity of the piano and percussion, which is offset by the strange tremelo effects and Kraftwerk synth.  This a really interesting sound, which has a more than interesting set of visuals to match.  Unfortunately, this isn't suitable for a feature on Province as we generally stick to Hip Hop-based stuff, but thoroughly enjoyed this track and can see it doing really well - best of luck!

Kristin Pedderson

This video is really well done and with the footage, the song really comes alive. I am not sure I would have liked the song as much without the video- The vocals are really unique and take some getting used to. Another reason why this song really works as a video. Good job!

Jess Shanahan

Good track, perhaps a little repetitive in places, but the kind of music that sends a shiver down your spine -  especially when combined with such a harrowing music video. The story is easy to follow with some serious emotion coming through the vocals.

I love a music video with a twist. Will share on social media.

Bo Caldwell

I will start with the good...

I do like it.  The song is pretty neat, different and interesting.  It has a feeling that throws you back to some of the underground music of the 80s.  I am not just saying that because of the synth sounds (which are great btw) but really the down tempo indie rock that reminds me of something between The Clash and Andi Sexgang.

I dig artistry and going against the grain of main stream.  This song and video does both of those things.

Now for the hard stuff...

Although I personally like that track I don't see this as being a song that will go over that well overall.  As in, if you are going to be putting all your eggs in one basket and using this as your main promo... I would rethink that.  I am sure you will find some music fans that love the track but I doubt you will have to much success with it other than that.  Also, the video.  I understand what you are trying to do with the whole vintage noir thing but I am not sure it was executed  well enough.  Something about it feels just a tad bit under produced.  Last... the song is so slow that with the addition of the black and white video I almost started getting sleepy and bored.

Stephen White

A stark piece of post-punk tinged alternative-rock. Brimming with nihilism and performed with a Leonard Cohen-esque snarl. An attention grabbing track. 

Craig Boliver

Video had a solid and interactive premise which is great to bring fans into the entire listening experience.  Saw the other one on the your social media and have a great selection of visuals and audio relation. Definitely hear some slight Tom Waits vocal influence, which I definitely think you could use to your advantage with press and algorithms (Spofity/Pandora/etc) to reach new listeners.

Arielle J.

I really enjoyed this song and video but I actually wish that the characters never lip synced along with the words. I found the moments where they were just acting and not singing to be much more powerful, and the lip syncing actually took me away from the story a little bit. The vocals were also a bit mumbled and it was hard to understand what the lyrics were - my ears really wanted more clarity here to gain full understanding of the song and this seems like something that could be fixed in the mixing of the song (not an issue with the singer himself). Really loved the dark, almost haunting nature of the song.

Leks Maltby

A high-anticipation atmospheric intro explodes into a lively and dynamic verse, packed with scathing lyrics and venom oozing out of every syllable. Musically, a looping synth lead hypnotizes the listener into a trance-like state, rendered catatonic in the process. When the electric guitar lead enters in the second verse, the song becomes fully animated, as if Frankenstein himself were brought to life on the operating table. From a melodic perspective, "If You Only Knew" is deceptively simple, which is in fact the song's greatest strength. Easily Claus Zinger's most fully realized release to date, this song is loaded with changes in both dynamics and instrumentation that keep the listener on their toes and salivating for more material from this musical mastermind.

Gianluca Abbadessa

Hi Claus, thanks for your submission: your song is a savvy mixture of influences of late Eighties electro-pop music. 
I like your arrangement and voice so much, I believe the video is the real added value to the song; lyrics feel natural to the structure of the song, your "If you only knew" is hammering in my head: I feel a strong airplay potential for indie music blogs and radio. 
In my opinion, the melody, played with the synth and which is the core of the whole song, should be streamlined and empowered because of the high number of notes composing it: a great indie pop song must have a recognizeable melody and easy to sing.

Brian Lush

The video is beautifully shot. I'm always a a sucker for a concept video and the concept behind this video is pretty strong. Very simple but very strong! Love it!

D Grant Smith

Interesting use of film for a creative storyline. The song itself lags to build to some sort of momentum of engagement. However, the noir film adds a dynamic to it that is intriguing. For a video this works well, but as a stand-alone song probably not as much though it seems to be drawing from inspiration of Pink Floyd's The Wall (film and music). 

Tyler Martin

- Initial thought: this is so fucking cool.
- I love the song, its got like a groovy/dark/sexy sound.... aha
- Its like still catching, and something you can vibe too, with a mysterious/dark vibe. Im really intrigued. 
- The video is amazing! Who ever directed this did a fantastic job, it fits the song perfectly. 
- Great acting as well!
- When you see the character start singing around 2:15 it looks so bad ass, you like feel his anguish/pain...aha
- Very mysterious, really into this song and track!
- You should try and get some local blogs to post the video, that could gain you some extra fans! 
- Definitely interested to check out more of your stuff. 
- Im surprised your not already signed! Someone is going to be into this!

Patrick Ross

Great video, serves as a nice accent to the song. 

So from a digital marketing perspective. Well done on having the new version of the video suggested as what to watch next. Add some links to your YouTube channel, not just Google+. Also, make sure to fill out the description of the video, with a link of some kind above the fold. You want someone watching to easily be able to find out more. Make use of featuring a video on your channel, using the channel trailer function, so people know what you are showcasing. And finally, playlists, make some. Helps organize your content, as well as a way for you to showcase other content. Use YouTube to create as full of a place for fans of you and your music to interact with.

Reji B

I really liked the video. It was beautifully shot and edited. Very clever plot twist. However, I did not like the song. The lyrics were basic and uninspired. The singing was emotional, but lacking polish. 

Johnny Ramirez

Great video great track! You hit it right on the money with the video for this song! I see this on a Quentin Tarantino soundtrack!  Usually not a fan of this music, but I really dug this song! I see this really getting picked up by many fans!

yochay mocsari submitted media.

I Went Down The Road Today by Claus Zinger

Jared Losow

Great Lynchian vibe to this track. I love the ambiance and the production is really haunting and dark.