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Mike B

Not crazy about the distorsion at the beginning...   I like that you hit the chorus right away after a few bars...  The structure of the track is nice... I would release that track but also release a remix with a DJ.....  Would be carefull with the room FX used.... Very good potential!


Great epic feel. Not really my cup of tea to broadcast or play our but awesome driving music. Would love to hear more

Sean Adams

I'm really liking this. It starts out like a gentle Metronomy tune and has something Arcade Fire about it. Be sure to send us an album when it's ready. Definitely be curious to hear more.

Jason Drake

It's a catchy tune. Not really my personal preference of style but the mix sounds tight and I could hear this being played on the radio. Good job. 

Indie Band Guru

Good song but I feel the melody of the chorus gets a little repetitive.  I like the direction of "One Of Us" better.  The talent is there, be original.

Valida Carroll

This is a great track...The layered vox sound amazing...the harmonies are perfect...Great instrumentation...production...It's a powerful tune without being too overbearing...It's got a great hook...Really don't have a single negative comment to say about this...Good luck! I think you will get signed in no time.

Taylor Barnes

Well, I think you guys already know how I feel about this song haha. Really good stuff. Sent you an email a few days ago. Let me know when you've had a chance to look it over. 

Eric mcLellan

Well any band that doesnt have vowels in their name must be good right?  Isn't that the cool, trendy, hip thing to do?  Your language arts teacher would not be proud of this at all.  Fortunately, the song evokes happiness and really wants to make you get up!  C'mon get up!  The song is good I promise.    Oh, and by the way...they are Swedish!

Max Rosengren Falk submitted media.

Joshua Smotherman

Great song with a lot of passion and energy behind it. This video definitely enhances the music as it is supposed to do. The underlying progression from a natural to an urban setting did an excellent job of portraying the deeper meanings and conveying the story. I also notice symbolism and imagery I'm not familiar with (since I'm not from Sweden) but know enough about history and culture to recognize the cultural and historical significance of such symbolism. Very polished and well put together video. This is a band I would feature on my music blog for sure. Interested in hearing more.


Loved the song. The video's not really for me. 

Scott Cohen

I have a bit of a dilemma.  I really like the track and the video.  In fact I think they are great.  The problem is that there is a lot of similar music out there.  How can this cut through? 

Sahpreem King

CMBSTN’s One Of Us is an awesome mix of indie rock meets radio friendly electronic dance music. This track has commercial placements written all over it! If music supervisors are smart, they will jump all over this song. I can imagine it being played in everything from fashion commercials to car ads and movie title sequences.

The video is phenomenal as the group has real knack for style. I’m in love with their choices of 60’s fashions and surreal imagery. The video is also well produced and the track is sonically ready for radio and retail. 

I’m certain that you will see CMBSTN at next year’s Grammy awards and watch their music top the charts of Billboard as well.

Adding this to my playlist IMMEDIATELY!

Eric Chen

Very smooth vocals

Indie Band Guru

Anthemic large sound and visually stimulating video.  We shared it on our website at: 

Gabriel Candiani

love the music and the image 

Danielle Look

The driving rhythm keeps my attention early on; vocals are eerie and would not resonate as loudly without that pulse. They make a good match.

I think that imagery also plays a large role here in keeping my imagination busy and active; I like the forest scene the most.

I like that we don't meet the vocalist until more than a minute in; his face paint is striking and memorable. I actually watched the video twice and I can't tell if he's walking with the group of not, but when he shows up with the paint at the one minute mark, the mood totally changes.

And it was like, then the acid kicked in or something. The video got trippy and the music got intense. After the replay, I still have no idea wtf happened, but I think one of the ultimate tests is the "Do I want to hear another one?" test, and the answer is yes.

After watching twice, I do wonder how things look live. My next steps would be soundcloud for more music and youtube for live clips.

Janaka Atugoda

Sounds great! 

Not necessarily the style of music that I am generally around but I can appreciate this song. 

Great mix, the vocals sound perfect. 

U2?  :)

Andrew Nast

This is really strong! The song and video are both great, I think you guys have a sound that can be widely embraced. My only note is your groups name, which I will now scroll up to remember...CMBSTN, its just a lot of letters to remember. I don't know that I will be able to tell someone in conversation later today what your band name is.

I'd love to be involved with your project, send me an e-mail and let's chat about it.


From an aesthetic pov the video color palate perfectly reflects the music. I really enjoy how CMBSTN avoided the cliche' "straight to the club" or "mondo-festival-desert" look and actually went for something a bit more weird and psychedelic w/ a nature meets city edge.

Sonically they vaguely remind me of MGMT which is a huge compliment. The song has a great chord progression, reverb'd vocals sit perfectly within the mix and never become overwhelming. Again I'm constantly drawn back to the video's color palate which perfectly reflects the sound. I look forward to hearing more from these guys.

I have high expectations for this band, they will definitely be on my radar.   

Sean Adams

It's a good anthemic song but not really right for Drowned in Sound. Would imagine a lot of british writers who are into Bastille, Temper Trap, 1975 and Coldplay would be into it - perhaps try Q magazine. Maybe try sending it to Infectious records too. Personally, I'm not too sure the scruffy late night look of the video really works with the widescreen song.

Drew Tewksbury

Loved it!

Jason Simpson

Really impressive video! The visuals are just lovely, and a nice complement to the music. 
I am very excited by this blend of guitars and electronics. For a long time, it just didn't seem like people could get a convincing mix of rock guitars and electronics, which resulted in disjointed, patchwork affair that ended up sounding like bad '90s breakbeat remixes. 
On "One Of Us", the guitar mix, in combination with the faded EQ of the drums makes for a feeling that is both thrilling, while still remaining chilled. This lends to the explosion of the chorus, in full color explosion. Like Dorothy arriving in Oz. 
This is the right kind of epic, the right kind of romantic... the real deal, and not the approximation of. I would also like to give you props for the reverb mix, as a lot of people are doing that faded, faraway, blurry sound, but most go to far in that direction, and everything ends up as a wash. This gives that big sound, that aged, reminiscent quality, while still staying intelligible and distinct. Something that I would like to see more people achieve. But you are ahead of the curve, and I think it will stand out, even if people don't necessarily know what they are responding to. 
This registers emotions in my chest, a blend of excitement and nostalgia. The feeling of hanging out with good friends, of going on an adventure. Of living life on your own terms, of being young. 
I am definitely on board with this, and you can consider me a supporter. You deserve to be heard. 

Alan Poyer

Hey Max! This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing - the mix balance is superbly done. I'm on my second listen-through, and am finding the form of the work to be fascinating. 

Going straight for a sustained apex right away within the first minute is so unconventional - really enjoying the shake-up. The guitar lines bring to mind XX comparisons, the vocals are exceptional. Would you be interested in having this featured on the Fluence blog? My email is - write me anytime, and looking forward to doing my part to get the word out for you guys!


Wiley Koepp

Cinematography is compelling. Band is eye-catching. Song is a new-wave influenced blend of U2 (specifically the guitar tones), Duran Duran (vocal harmonies), and maybe a little Smiths (overall mood and electronic synth sound). Constructively, the hook isn't really grabbing me--can't really tell you the title of the song. But the lead singer's got a great pleading squeal at the song's peak moments. 

Taylor Barnes

I love this song and video! You guys have a great sound, and the singer has a very unique voice which is captivating. The video adds a great visual element to the experience. I would like to see just a few more shots of you guys either singing or playing instruments in the video, but aside from that it seems perfect. 

I'm unsure of your current management situation, but I work at a music management company in Los Angeles called Virtue Music Group, and if you're unmanaged I would be interested in setting up a Skype call if you are interested. My email address is Feel free to email me anytime, with questions about your music, the industry, or anything else. I am always happy to help. 

Disco Naïveté

Not too keen on the song, but you should definitely use the footage you shot in the video with that Super8 camera in a campaign following it up.

Eric Oehler

This is a very catchy track.  There's sort of an edgy post-U2 vibe to it, with the soaring choruses and bridges and helicopter guitars.  My own preference would be to bring up the synths a bit in the choruses, but that's only because I'm a synthpop guy.  This strikes me as being great remix fodder, too.  Make some kits, find some unknown electropop guys to put weird spins on it, you've got yourself a killer single.

Otherwise this is pretty much radio-ready.

Michael Brandvold

Love this style of music. Video is very well done, imagery is beautiful. I did feel like the music was building to something that is never reached. I kept waiting for the moment when the music just exploded. But I will seek out more music by this band.

Valida Carroll

Love this!...Makes me wanna run off to Big Sur with you and spend the weekend jumping from cliff to cliff and climbing the redwoods...
The video really compliments the song....I love your style....The cinematography is the black/white + color mash up of sequences...
The singer's got a great voice...btw.

Phillip Yung

Hey! Thanks for sharing. 

First off, I am impressed with the video production quality. The quality is extremely crisp. Not to mention the content in the video kept me engaged and intrigued throughout the duration. Great work with the video! 

I also enjoyed the song itself. It is very energetic with great lyrics. It almost has this summer anthem feel, which I really dig. "One Of Us" also has a great indie, urban feel which is accurately shown through the music video. I can't really find anything to fault in regards to the video and the song. The instrumentation and production of the song seem professional grade. The vocals are dynamic and full of life, which will no doubt capture lots of fans and attention. 

I may consider posting on Earmilk after getting other opinions within the family! 

Wonderful stuff, you have my ears. 


Andrea Young

Thanks for the opportunity to hear the song and view the video.
LOVE the song -- would like to play it on one of my 'new music' radio shows on Aspen Public Radio,please get in touch on how I can get a copy of it if that appeals.
The video is very well done  -- I like the beginning but it gets a little strange (for me) as it moves along.  
Love the music.

Max Rosengren Falk submitted media.

My Friend by CMBSTN

Eric mcLellan

A very indie approach with the potential to cross over into a big sound.  Band's like Passion Pit come to mind.  Alt rock, electronica that makes me see stars!  A very dreamy and energetic performance.  The band is taking me on a journey through outer space.  

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