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James Murray

The sort of infectious pop that becomes impossible to hate and impossible to forget. Male vocals reminiscent of early Various Cruelties, while the male/female vocal balance and crossovers work brilliantly. The vocals and production have already been mastered but the latter half of the track shows great potential of erring away from this tracks easiest criticism - conformity.

Shamal Ranasinghe

Really dig this track! I wouldn't probably have found and played this myself, so I'm really appreciative of you sending this to me. I like the changeup 1.56 min in. For this track, I'd get as many people listening to the track and encourage viral sharing. I'm going to share myself. Thanks again for sending!

Jay Frank

Definitely above average with a lot of strong elements within the song.  I like the counter point between the male and female vocals.  The break down in the bridge really caught my ear and certainly enhanced the song overall.  The song also was very tight, concise and kept you engaged.  Would like the chorus to have a bit more production enhancing it so the song could really pop.  Overall, I'd want to continue hearing more music as there's certainly a lot of future potential.

As to promoting it, I would reach out to some pop and electronic blogs and see if they had interest. Also, this is the kind of song that could really generate enthusiasm on Spotify.  I would upload it there and reach out to playlists that feature similar music to see if they might play it.  If they like it, then it will begin virality worldwide that could lead to success.  Also make sure that you make a YouTube video as that audience could really respond to this.  

Ben Sodwee

I'd send it over to pop centered blogs in the UK / US blogs like and the others to seek their opinion about the track then act accordingly. They might even post an article who knows !

However, the drop at 1.55 might just put non-EDM centered blogs off. But this track definitely has potential to grow. I would target young/teen audiences for this track. A track I can totally see Synched for a TV commercial

Valida Carroll

I gave you a thumbs up because it's really well produced, vox sound great and it has a good energy and passion behind it...However, the lyrics could use some love...
Best way to promote would be electro blogs...It's not something I would play on air or would share with other KCRW DJs...My only concern is that it sounds a little dated...Like, it should have come come out a couple of years reminds me of something Ed Banger or Dimmak would have jumped on...I'm not too sure now...things seem to be slowing down a little in the indie world...It has more of a Major label Dance sound..

Pedro Costa

If you are an indie artist there are several ways to get exposure. One way would be to get this song placed on Film/TV/Commercials. If radio is your target you can utilize several music delivery services direct to radio. There are several options depending on your promotional budget. You can also contact some radio stations directly and send the music. But this is a tedious process. But at the end you will gain contacts to be able to go to directly on other releases. Best of luck!

Scott Cohen

So infectious.  This will be stuck in my head all week.  I love it.

Taylor Barnes

The best way to promote this track would be to message relevant blogs or media outlets with this song, and then try to get it picked up on something like hype machine. 

Marni Wandner

Love the vocals on this song - the female vocals actually grabbed me first...they sort of magnified the male vocals for me.  And when they come together, the song weaves itself together in a way.  The vocals are what make this song, in my opinion - they're so dynamic and they hover above everything else, dipping in to mingle with the programming and really create a road I want to follow...right into that cool little breakdown.  Very cool song.

Drew Tewksbury

I totally would listen to this when getting ready to give a really important power point presentation. 

Sahpreem King

I absolutely loved this track! Not only was it refreshing, but it was a sonic vacation in paradise in comparison to what passes for dance music these days. The production was fantastic and I liked that producers kept it minimal not to over power the vocal performance, which was stellar! Both the male and female vocalists held their own and the duo playing off of each other was genius. This track is definitely radio and retail ready. I can certainly envision this song being used in a movie or television commercial because it has lots of appeal. This is a song I would be proud to recommend to music supervisors and promote in my social networks as well as, play it in a DJ set and possibly remix. 

Thanks for your submission. Please send me your email address to, and I will send you a complimentary copy of my book, Surviving the Game How to Succeed in the Music Business as a gift for leaving me feedback on the Fluence site. 

Drew Thurlow

I really like this track.  Good vocal melodies and vocal performance.  The best way to promote it?  Keep posting it socially.  Use your live show announcements as an excuse to post it.  Is it in your resources to make a video for it?  

Ikey Owens

in the interest of fairness: i've known jay for many years and have always been a huge fan of his voice. when i got this notification i was actually in the studio with him doing a keyboard session for the new rival sons record.

it's really nice to hear a duet. it's a great dance track and they both sound really great together. i'd love to hear a full on disco version of this song. both of their voices can handle a lot more instrumentation. it has a really classic 70's feel that i'd love to hear more of on a remix.

Chris Budd

I would think that a lot of blogs would be into promoting/posting this track.  A campaign should focus on blogs who are fans of bands like Sam Smith, Alex Clare, also targeting blogs who've posted about Jay Buchanan and Doll Knight previously.  I also think a remix could be good ammo for blogs as well, RAC would be a great fit to remix this track. I liked it, minus the dub-step breakdown. Just my personal preference. 

Kami Knake

Love this song! I was hooked within the first minute and immediately knew I wanted to play it again right away. I love the male and female voices. The beat moves along and changes enough where I don't get board. I like the EDM bridge too! But I am unclear what is the name of this band buy the way it's labeled? Silver Streed Sound? But you say that's the production company so it's confusing.

Richard Gottehrer

sounds like it belongs on radio.  I'll listen more and try to give you some additional feedback.

Eric mcLellan

Ellie Goulding meets Neon Trees!  Really cool interaction between the singers.  At times, it doesn't feel natural, yet at the same time it works really well. The Skrillex breakdown at 2:10 threw me off, but got me thinking - Imagine a remix of this track by a well known DJ?  

Brian Hazard

Catchy from 0:00! Don't take this the wrong way, but it has that "iTunes commercial" feel to me until the chorus. I imagine it's ripe for sync placements.

It could be SoundCloud's encoding, but the vocals strike me as loud, particularly the female vocal. I'm only talking about maybe 0.3 dB on the male lead and 0.4 dB on the female. The backing vocals are all great.

Love the bass attack in the bridge! And then the cool arpeggios. You're really mixing things up well here, back into what I suspect will be the final chorus.

Yep, that was that! Strong ending! I really love this track. You've taken the "don't bore us, get to the chorus" ideal to heart, and delivered. I'll definitely share this... right now!

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