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A Love Like Pi by Jack and the Giant

Wynona Grant

This is a fantastic track. Sort of feels like a more fluid and gentle side of the newly rising synth pop genre.

Light, delicate, yet bright synth sounds and wonderfully transient vocals laying just behind. It's nice to see the instrumentals hold the forefront and strength of the track.

Nic LaRue

I really enjoyed the song.  It's very Coldplay in it's tone and vocal styling.  The accompanying video is vivid, beautiful, and compliments the mood and tone of the song.  The colors are great and the fluidity of it would make it work great as a crowd or performance piece at a concert or even in a theater.  The song is definitely a "love scene" or romantic comedy/dramady song (either the end where the couple gets together, or end of second act where the relationship has just fallen know how those movies are).  Either way it's definitely soundtrack material and can stand apart from the video itself.

AWaking Dream submitted media.


The pacing of this song is really hypnotic, in an almost ceremonious way. It's a really interesting & wonderful deviation from your previous releases. The vocals harmonies are right up there with Fleet Foxes and the like: beautiful and solemn. Really like the direction you guys are going in! Keep onward :)

Stephen White

Harmonically and melodically dense the song uses expansive layered vocals to merge the ethereal folk flourishes of Fleet Foxes with the more experimental aspects of the genres seen from bands like The Barr Brothers or even Ireland's Carriages. 

Deftly produced, Phosphorescent put enough of themselves into the minimalist tone of the music to come up with something engrossing and relevant.  

Lewis Lister

This isn't usually our thing, but this is an incredibly pleasant listen.  The light, but almost mournful vocals against the arpeggios remind us of parts of The Maccabees' last album.

Ciaran Steward

Some lovely Fleet Foxes-esque harmonies in here, nice to hear them mixed with something a bit more electronic - the oscillating synth works really well as a foundation. Some really good use of pauses in here too, keeps the piece from sounding too rushed. Not 100% sure about the tone of the Vangelis/Chariots Of Fire style bass synth but it helps everything tick over nicely.

Would make for great film music!

Lily Kuo

This track is such a calming, spiritual piece of music to have experienced. I'm enchanted by the all the vocals and how calming they are - I actually believe that this piece would be much improved without any of the arpeggiated accompaniment. That the accompaniment is completely electronic sort of detracts from the overall feel of the track, which feels very austere. The harmonized vocals would do well as a cappella, or perhaps with a very simplified arpeggiating piano. Overall, the sound is excellent and I wouldn't change a thing about the melodic line or harmony.

The video is pretty, but I don't feel that it enhances or even complements my experience listening to the very beautiful track.

A.j. Logan

Not normally something I'd rock out to. But at the same time, I dug the sound and the time lapse video. Really cool to share a fan made creation.

Olga Knapinska

I can see that you (possibly) had a very strong vision of your work when you decided to write and record this tune. I like to think about it this way. Having in mind that the description says that it’s “an invocation, an introduction”, I can just imagine the great, more expressive things that could go after this track on the album. Maybe some clean guitars? I haven’t heard your music in the past but I’d just love to think that these next songs have the harder, powerful notes in the background, or at least the very catchy and addictive vibe. With great and intriguing vocals, obviously.

P.S. I just listened to some parts of the record, wow! It’s almost exactly what I expected it to be after hearing “Sun Arise”. Definitely checking it out later.

Liane Chan

It has a very otherworldly and meditative quality to it. The vocals and lyrics are tough to decipher, which adds an air of mystery to it that 

Wendy Redden Phosphorescent!!!!!! Is this a promoter? I would love to post up a Q&A w/the band if possible. This album was one of my favs from 2013. message me on here or e-mail if that's possible.

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Machines by Nuages

Jono Kane

This song is really great! I love the melody and the production sounds spot-on! This downtempo vibe is really nice and definitely something that I know Alan Poyer would appreciate. I'll refer this track to him, as he may have more feedback. Really nice work. 

AWaking Dream submitted media.

David Porter

Nice atmospheric track, seems like an excellent addition to a study/work playlist.

AWaking Dream submitted media.

Island Cottage by Sea Oleena

Sarah Sommer

This song is absolutely gorgeous from start to finish. The singer's voice is ethereal and almost other worldly and beautifully complimented by the instrumental accompaniment. I felt a strong sense of comfort and overwhelming emotion from the song's arrangement and would LOVE to see an actual music video to go along with it. 

"Sea Cottage" hits an incredibly STRONG moment about 1:40 that makes it undeniably forceful and atmospheric. It was about here that I felt the strong desire to share it on my social media sites and ended up embedding the song on my Tumblr page.  

This song is really stunning.

Michael Moretti

It's not often that a track immediately grabs my attention, and Sea Oleena's "Island Cottage" has done it. The track is dreamy, whispy, and gripping all in one. This should definitely be marketed towards fans of Youth Lagoon and Beach House. So good that I'm listening to this again. I will blog about it this week. 

Ciaran Steward

Love the production on this, the vocal sounds so haunting. The claps come on a little too strong at first, maybe just need to be slightly lower in the mix. Generally a really good vibe and some great bits of attention to detail with the sound effects/backing instruments.

Brendon Veevers

This is exactly the type of acoustic dream/pop that resonates with me. The guitar on the track is gorgeous and very unintimidating to listeners of numerous genres like pop, folk, and to a lesser extent, electro, which is always going to be a positive element to releasing a song these days, given the crossover nature of most genres. Seems like you have covered you bases quite nicely with the tracks arrangement. The build up of instruments is quite nice during the centre of the song and sort of gives the track a contrasting kick of energy within its, for the most part, laid-back and atmospheric instrumentation which is sweet. The vocals are quite captivating too - mellow yet memorable with a dreamy tone that suits the tempo and style of the track. Each time you listen to the song you also notice little things happening in the background that you may not have picked up on the first time around. Nice work on this one. 

D Grant Smith

Nice sound overall. Production quality is done well. Songwriting composition works nicely. The lyrics get lost in the movement of textures which is hit and miss because seeing the lyrics (which are printed at the bottom of our page) the song has a more dynamic feel than just the music and harmonies. The second listen is when the lyrics come more alive. 
One note on the production, the first minute and a half have a slight use of various percussive sounds. At times early on this sounds like a miss in the production quality. It's not the tambourine or the claps. It's more the shaker sound, which is intermittent throughout. Just a mention that this sound is a little distracting but not necessarily a bad thing. However the song should end at 3:50. There is a slight hiccup at 3:54 and close. Cut off the end of that when everything fades out and the track will sound better produced.
Also, I didn't hear much in terms of a bass or low end. That would add more depth to the track overall, at least from a broadcast perspective.
You have a nice sound, similar to a small Canadian group called Opening Axe, as well as a nice use of textures and dynamic. Clean up your production just a little and I think you could have a nice run on college and indie radio.

Shayne Locke

Might be suitable for our Temple of Youth show. I will suggest it to Bethany Jean who hosts the show.

Tom Matthew

Your song has a very nice feel to it. You capture a certain sentimental feeling, and manage to keep it interesting with some contrasting imagery. It has a trance-like, shoe-gaze quality to it that makes me wonder what it would sound like live. The recording quality is great, the mix is done nicely, and I enjoyed the song. One thing I would recommend - you've got a nice song, but the video I was presented was a static picture. If you took a little time and even did a stream of pictures in the video, changing every few measures on tempo, it would add a lot to the viewer experience. You could go artsy with it, or chill imagery, memes, photos of yourselves - it doesn't have to be a video shoot. I like what you've done.

Radio Flote

I like the music and your voices a lot.

If I were you, I'd put out a lyrical video with matching images to convey your lyrics, since they stand out.

You can make these cheap with online tools like Animoto .

The Dutch Guy

Digging the laid-back vibe, killer vocals! Hope there will be a music video out for it soon... Looking forward to peep the rest of the album!

A.j. Logan

I love when music can lead to different emotion from different people. This is a song that could be perceived in many different ways. The lyrics were chill and made me think about the past, present & future all in a few minutes. I would love to feature this on The IMLH Show! If interested email an EPK and the mp3 or a download link to!

AWaking Dream submitted media.

Jono Kane

I really love the vibes of this. Great analog synth intro, nice use of reverb on the synths with the harp pushed forward in the mix. The sampled vinyl scratches/pops do stand out in the mix a bit much for my taste, but I'm sure if it's a sampled loop, it's going to be hard to remove. Great mixing/engineering, especially when the bass kicks in at ~1:30. All in all, excellent work. 

AWaking Dream submitted media.

Vera by kadugodi

Nina Ulloa

I really like the track. It's chill, but has a lot of depth. Reminds me of Odesza a bit. I think you should try sending this to Earmilk, Pigeons and Planes, ISO50, and Majestic Casual on YouTube. The blog is also a good resource for relevant electronic blogs, just look through their features:

Chase Ohlson

Percussion and sampling are ON POINT! 
Really, really love it! 

Wendy Redden

I really like this - I noticed you remixed Alt-J which is really great. I would suggest teaming up with a vocalist and actually having some lyrics for a few songs. I really like chill beats with no words, but I feel the majority of people do not or that they listen to that type of music on a limited basis. I also feel more remixes would be the way to go to get more exposure. I am just a small blogger in Austin but I would suggest some of the blogs with larger audiences in hopes of them sharing your creations. Good Luck! 

Parth Barot

Hi there,

First of all, the instrumental "Vera", which you sent me, has a very solid sound. It's clear you know what you want to create and how you want to produce it. It has a favourable, "spacey" sound, which has proven to be popular on Soundcloud and that explains the tens of thousands of plays you've got.

Now, in terms of getting promotion, I wouldn't recommend sending blogs this song in particular as it's old, but by judging from the sound of "Vera", you should be looking to reach out to blogs like FADER, Pigeons & Planes, Pitchfork, Artistic Manifesto, Potholes In My Blog, etc. Take some time to look up the writers of posts on blogs like these and build relationships with them. That way when you send them your music, they're more likely to listen to your song and then perhaps write an article on it. 

In addition, DJ's are very handy people to know, people like DJ Complexion, Lakim, IAMNOBODI etc do mixes for various sites, getting in touch with people like them to consider your music can be a beneficial way to tap in to different sets of audiences, thus increasing exposure.

Here at This That New, we offer affordable, high quality PR services. If you wish to find out more, please send us an email on

Many thanks,

Paul McFadyen

Nice melancholy thing going on here, I'm a bit of a sucker for that kind of vocal. While I wasn't expecting a huge drop or anything, I did kinda feel there was a lack of progression throughout and I think the drums could do with a bit of work also.

Music You Need

Smooth intro with beautiful bells and a lovely synth. A super funky beat and sexy vocals that brings out all sorts of feels. This tune is perfect for late night chill sessions or relaxing by the poolside. Great one from Kadugodi. 

Too Many Sebastians

Whilst not the type of thing I'd post on my own website. This certainly is really well made, the attention to detail is a highlight and I can see your music being very popular in the future. It's great you've established what the identity of your sound is and have your own recognisable style in your music.

I don't think you'd have any trouble promoting yourself to other websites yourself and my recommendations would be -

It's a bit obvious in terms of advice... but, doing a slightly attention grabbing remix of a popular song is always a good way of attracting music blogs/websites. 

AWaking Dream submitted media.


Leks Maltby

Great minimalist synth work in the intro. A strong lead vocal, instantly engaging and immediately drawing the listener in. Cool instrumental interludes throughout break up the monotony of the song, which is essentially one long verse without any true choruses. The time signature change at the 3:20 mark is both trippy and cool, and leads nicely into the song's outro.

AWaking Dream submitted media.

Emma Josephson

I really like the songs progression.
The beat and vocals are chilling, but a perfect mesh and fit.

Leks Maltby

Strong lead female lead vocal. Hypnotic looping synth arrangements keep this remix interesting, with lots of cut-and-abrupt changes to keep the listener on their toes. Cool 8-bit sounds thrown in for good measure and intentional skips give this song an inherently retro '90s feel.

This was good. The choppy beat you added to the acoustic version of the song was a nice approach to the record and gave it a different life and energy.

AWaking Dream submitted media.

01 Digital Dreams (part 1) by danieljdavis

Leks Maltby

Very chill ambient intro with an entrancing synth lead employed to full effect. I love the 8-bit  synth that kicks in around the 1:30 mark. Definitely a slow-burning track, constantly building to something bigger and bigger. My only criticism of this song is that it overstays its welcome, clocking in at nearly ten minutes. This song would be just as effective if it were five to six minutes in length.

AWaking Dream submitted media.

Leks Maltby

Cool use of field recordings and looping instrumental samples in the intro. Musically, things get a lot more interesting after the first minute. Definitely a chill-wave vibe going on here, with lots of meandering guitar riffing atop ambient synths. Frequent changes in the instrumental arrangement keep the song interesting and prevent it from becoming monotonous. Seamless transitions between each musical passage help maintain a sense of continuity in the entire piece. Taken as a whole, this piece ends up sounding like an ambitious classical music arrangement, rendered through ambient electronic music. If I have one criticism of this song, it's that it could easily be shortened to half the length and still be equally as effective.

Jono Kane

Excellent collection/set. Great intro. Love the crickets, bells.. kind of has a Flying Lotus feel. Digging the breakdown at the 1:00 mark. Comes back nicely. Love the production. You do a great job of setting the vibe with big drawn-out breaks and then going back into some trippy melodies held together nicely with well-produced beats. Holy crap, this is a great track. Thumbs way up. Favorited on SoundCloud for when I need to chill. Cheers!

AWaking Dream submitted media.

Eventide by Monrroe.

Leks Maltby

A great slow-burning intro with some fantastic drum samples used, recalling the work of The Prodigy, Fatboy Slim, etc. Definitely a chill-wave vibe going on here, with a simple, repetitive repeating piano melody and some very subtle synth work. At all times the drums remain front and centre, which keeps the song engaging and dynamic at all times. The outro is a little anti-climactic, but it does provide the listener with a much needed come-down after the high energy instrumental that precedes it.

dimm Summer

Good sound!
Great development and vibe... SOLID bass. lovely ending.
A touch formulaic but gets the job done much better than most :)

i think getting some ethereal verbed-out abstract female vocals on the second half will really drive this to another level... there's plenty of great vocals out there, check out Veelas Siren Vox pack... or perhaps some older House vocal packs for some abstract vocal bits to play with...

AWaking Dream submitted media.

Digital Dreams (part 2) by Danieljdavis

Shamal Ranasinghe

I really dig the chill vibes on this. It's a good downtempo track and mix. Have you sent this to Alan Poyer on Fluence? I think he'd appreciate too. 

AWaking Dream submitted media.

Mix - June, 2014 by Synkro

Shamal Ranasinghe

really digging this music and will be listening to this again and again.

Jono Kane

Overall, fantastic mix set. Loving the balance between chilled out intelligent beats and grimey dnb stuff. The big ambient break at ~22 is an interesting way to transition into 4/4 (eventually). I will be listening to this set while I work through my day. Cheers. 

AWaking Dream submitted media.

Elemental pleasures by Kollektiv Turmstrasse

AWaking Dream submitted media.

Stari Í Gegnum Ísinn by Olafur Arnalds

stan stewart

The evolving/building nature of the piece is quite evocative. I see that it is for a film score. And I had already created all the images I needed in my own imagination, just listening.

AWaking Dream submitted media.

AWaking Dream submitted media.

Armies and Air Raids by iamfoest

Mike Mineo

On "Armies and Air Raids", IAMFOREST - the solo project of Vancouver-based Luke Hartle - shows off a crisp sound incorporating alt-rock and synth-pop. Bell-like chimes and muted guitar progressions lead over airy vocals. The added distortion of pitch-distorted vocal samples, particularly in the soul/R&B tradition, reminds of artists like How to Dress Well in the best way possible. Although sacrificing atmosphere for hooks at some points, "Armies and Air Raids" is a stellar effort that combines lush electro-pop with infectious alternative tendencies.

The vocal production seems fine to me. Look for a feature on in the near future, and please contact if you are interested in details regarding PR servicing. I have gotten artists in NME, Pitchfork, and an ESPN commercial with my work, and can send more success stories upon request.

AWaking Dream submitted media.

you excite me by A Sol Mechanic

Shamal Ranasinghe

Absolutely love this track. Send me more. You should talk to Alan Poyer for inclusion into his mixes. 

AWaking Dream submitted media.

I Lose Myself by Names.

Bruno Natal

I like the spaced out vibe and how the production is borderline pop, but with "strange" beats. I'd like to see it go crazier though. Good music to make love too, so much that I'll share on a Facebook page I have just for this kind of sound, Bota pra F*der.

AWaking Dream submitted media.

Whats There by Dauwd

Alan Poyer

Love that Dauwd is being pushed to the forefront of the beatscene's consciousness by fellow artists, bloggers and Pictures Music.

AWaking Dream submitted media.

Need You (Feat. Blu) by L'Orange

Kristi Shinfuku

Mello Music Group! You guys in general never cease to amaze me. No comments here, this is some serious dope stuff. Wish more people were like you guys. Strong flow, great production. Real throwback, but with the crisp of the modern age. Great work. 

Neal H Pogue

I love your classic east coast flow. The track is dope! A perfect marriage for your tone. I love the beat and the sample. I'm feeling the story as well. Not that many rappers write like this anymore. I miss it. The production and the arrangement of how the sample is chopped is on point. Great job! 

AWaking Dream submitted media.

AWaking Dream submitted media.

AWaking Dream submitted media.

Ouaga Noma (Blanka/AE) by Astrid Engberg

Chelsea Schwartz

I like the vintage sound in the music (very 60s rock), but the vinyl noise / distortion is a bit distracting from the tune. I'd turn that down or keep it to the intro/outro of the track. I also had to Google "Ouagadougou" -- a little more information in the description might peak more interest from your potential audience. Great voice though!

Lily Kuo

Overall, I am impressed with Ouaga Noma - what a unique sound you bring to the table! I like that the melody and lyrics are simple - it pairs well with the complex percussive backtrack. In terms of clear production, I feel like the echo-y/hissy background noise detracts from the otherwise well-produced track. Not sure if you're going for lo-fi sound there, but it ends up sounding more like poor recording equipment problems, which I'm sure isn't what you want to convey!

In terms of promotion tips, I like this track, and would be happy to post it on my blog. I think being featured on hype machine included blogs will help your presence, at least for indie-listeners online. Good luck!

Leks Maltby

The crackly feedback-laden intro gives this song an instant aura of authenticity. The polyrhythms that propel the song forward are trance-like and strangely hypnotic in the best way possible. There is a circular quality to the song's melody that give it an incredible internal consistency. Lyrically, the bilingual Spanish-English dichotomy gives the song a worldly quality that will sound good in bedrooms from Canada to Cuba and everywhere in between.

jenna rosen

Sound quality sounds like there's static in the background, intentional or not - sort of distracting from the rest of the beat.  Nice voice. Need to get rid of that static-y sound though that's in the background throughout the entire track.  Vocals are a little drowned out by the beat.  

Joe Sparrow

I really like this! I listened more than once :) The blend of the 'world music'-y guitars and the curious pop elements work really nicely together, and the production is satisfyingly lo-fi. 

I can see you picking up some decent online/blog coverage if you pitched it to the writers who enjoy odd-pop, female singers and those who have already written about The Avalanches and maybe Animal Collective.

AWaking Dream submitted media.

Can't Be by Grifta

Pedro Costa

I really like it just the way it is. I can hear a lot of usages for this track in media. But also stands well on it's own as an artist track. Well done!

AWaking Dream submitted media.

Peter Brambl

Very nice production on this track -- love the warm bass sounds and the guitar washes. Not a huge fan of the vocal track but it works well enough, especially when it's layered more on the last chorus. Good length, too-- it doesn't wear out its welcome. I could see this getting dropped into any number of mixes.

AWaking Dream submitted media.

Weekends by Tiger Waves

Stephen O'Reilly

This is a great track. It was a nice surprise and will share it online.