People with interest in film

Name Location Title Bio
  • Ross Barber

    Ross Barber Web design for bands, musicians & artists. Fueled by coffee and determination. Obsessed with music. Tweets by owner & designer, Ross Barber. #webdesign #music

  • Chelsea Schwartz

    Chelsea Schwartz Founder of @HighVoltageMag | Radio Host @IndieFMRadio | Artist Manager | Writer | Digital Strategist | Music Industry Mentor

  • Stefan Blitz

    Stefan Blitz Editor-in-Chief, Forces of Geek; Pop Culturist

  • Tami Anderson

    Tami Anderson Mummy to 6 year old boy, a little girl born in October 2012 and expecting baby number 3 in April 2015. SAHM #Butlinsambassadors 2013/14 PR Friendly

  • Kenny Fresh

    Kenny Fresh Founder / A&R @ Fresh Selects

  • R. Michael Thomas

    R. Michael Thomas Principal, Adjacent Media

  • Jacob Tell

    Jacob Tell Oniracom CEO

  • Lix Hewett

    Lix Hewett Multi-passionate creative: graphic designer, photographer, model, blogger, writer. Outspoken intersectional feminist. Let's work together!

  • Laura Pearson-Smith

    Laura Pearson-Smith Laura Pearson-Smith

  • Justin Jacobson

    Justin Jacobson Justin M. Jacobson, Esq. - Entertainment, Sports & Fashion Attorney - Trademarks, Copyrights - Music, Movies, TV, Art Law & Label 55 Entertainment & Lifestyle Consulting Firm @label55

  • Michael R. Barnard

    Michael R. Barnard Writer|Producer|Director. Independent. #Filmmaker

  • C Bret Campbell

    C Bret Campbell Co-founder of Middle Tennessee Music, indie music crumudgeon

  • Jason Simpson

    Jason Simpson Critical Listening

  • Ioanina

    Ioanina Content marketer/journo, social media maven, app addict, copywriter

  • Nancy Bilyeau

    Nancy Bilyeau Author of THE CROWN and THE CHALICE, won RT Award for Best Historical Mystery 2013. Protagonist a 16th century nun! Coffee drinker; 'GOT' & 'Homeland' fanatic

  • Matt Mason

    Matt Mason Chief Content Officer @BitTorrent. Author, The Pirate's Dilemma. Advisory Board Member @Poptech, etc. The opinions expressed here are my own.

  • Wendy Shepherd

    Wendy Shepherd Entrepreneur

  • Matthew Kratz

    Matthew Kratz Composer. Producer. DJ. Former Glitch Mob.

  • Colin C.

    Colin C. Musician + Remixer with work on NBC/Showtime/HBO/FOX and more. Audio Engineer at The Cell Studio. Creator of the 'Essential' Logic Pro X products for Loopmasters UK.

  • Inveterate Magazine

    Inveterate Magazine A guide to London & New York.

  • Guy Manchester

    Guy Manchester Co-edit Louder Than War

  • Brownie Marie

    Brownie Marie Multimedia journalist

  • Parth Barot

    Parth Barot London-based artist manager and freelance music journalist.

  • Sarah R. Lotfi

    Sarah R. Lotfi award-winning writer/director, and sometimes producer

  • Brian Lush

    Brian Lush CEO and Founder of Rockwired Media LLC

  • Mark Bell

    Mark Bell A furry monstrosity who loves movies...

  • Tom Fenwick

    Tom Fenwick Freelance writer and millennial imposter. Words on music, film, culture, etc...

  • Crystal Johnson


  • Christina Lawson

    Christina Lawson Book & Lifestyle Blogger

  • Maria Mouk

    Maria Mouk Cultural Catalyst & Critic

  • Bryan Calhoun

    Bryan Calhoun Music-Tech guy

  • Sheena Barnett

    Sheena Barnett Arts and entertainment reporter

  • Paul Piggott

    Paul Piggott Music Business Adventurer.

  • Jeffrey Totey

    Jeffrey Totey I write about local and national pop culture events from a Christian perspective including movies, plays, TV shows, books and more.

  • Victoria Locke

    Victoria Locke Pop Culture Junkie. Aspiring music supervisor. Singer in a rock band. Fashion blogger.

  • Nam Nguyen

    Nam Nguyen President @NARRATIVE_

  • Matthew Linsky

    Matthew Linsky Dir. Creative/A&R - NMG

  • Alanna Slepitsky

    Alanna Slepitsky Social Media and PR/Marketing Consultant

  • Ellen Herbert

    Ellen Herbert Art Producer/Curator

  • Mike Gillespie

    Mike Gillespie

  • Alan Sartirana

    Alan Sartirana CEO/Founder

  • Jen Dan

    Jen Dan Music Reviewer and Artist Interviewer at The Big Takeover, Stereo Embers Magazine, Rebel Noise, Delusions Of Adequacy, The Record Stache, Label Obscura, Indie Music Review, and my Stratosphere Fanzine Yahoo Group.

  • Tim Medcraft

    Tim Medcraft Artist Manager & Record Label Owner with chart success; A&R; Artist Development

  • Sarah Sommer

    Sarah Sommer A freelance cat enthusiastic/writer who specializes in pop culture entertainment, independent music, and all things media.

  • Ola Bogg

    Ola Bogg Blogger

  • Lee Cohen

    Lee Cohen Berlin based, globally focused. Past lives in Chicago, Minneapolis, Austin, London, NY, LA, Portland, and Glasgow.

  • Jean Detjen

    Jean Detjen Columnist/Writer, 'Artful Living' - Living ArtFULLY in the Heart of Wisconsin!

  • Chris Wise

    Chris Wise A and R / Head of Music at FullWerks Music Group

  • Adriel Hampton

    Adriel Hampton LA tech | Writing | Investigation | Between a high, solid wall and an egg that breaks against it, I will always stand on the side of the egg. ~Haruki Murakami

  • Armory Music

    Armory Music Sync Licensing

  • Anthony.   J Haworth

    Anthony. J Haworth Head of A&R Mill Hill Music Recording and Publishing

  • Charlotte Scott

    Charlotte Scott Miss

  • david starfire

    david starfire Music Producer / Songwriter / Composer / DJ / Multi-Instrumentalist

  • Music Supervisors

    Music Supervisors Music Supervisors / Music Supervision Agency Specializing in Connecting Musicians to Filmmakers and Music Supervisors

  • Dale Goodridge

    Dale Goodridge Vocalist. Songwriter. Multi Instrumentalist. Social Media Promotion Guru. DIY Music Specialist. Recording Engineer. Positive Communication Proponent. Passionate and Ethical.

  • Mistah Rapsey

    Mistah Rapsey Founder / Creative Director

  • Michael-Dann Joseph

    Michael-Dann Joseph Music Management / A&R Consultant

  • Derek Shanahan

    Derek Shanahan I share music at Dancing GIFs too. // @SuperRewards, prev @foodtree, big fan of unicorns.

  • Leigh Langston

    Leigh Langston Social Media Marketing Consultant

  • Michael Grodner

    Michael Grodner Founder, Dirty Laundry TV (indie music web series), Dirty Laundry Music (music licensing agency) & Manager of LA punk trio GIrl Tears

  • Andy Robinson

    Andy Robinson Founder and CEO - Interstellar Music Group - Artist Management / Music Publishing / Record Label Services / Artist Development

  • Neil Cartwright

    Neil Cartwright Artist Services, label, publisher, distribution, music marketing

  • Jean Beauvoir

    Jean Beauvoir Multi-Platinum Recording Artist, Producer, Songwriter and Entertainment Executive, TV Executive Producer, Film Producer

  • Jay Tavernese

    Jay Tavernese Senior Artist Manager/Executive Producer/Music Supervisor

  • Paul Stewart

    Paul Stewart Founder

  • Eartis Eaglin III

    Eartis Eaglin III Founder/Co-CEO of Reservoir Music Company, Inc.

  • Brian

    Brian Entrepreneur | Facebook Marketing | PPC | Social Media Marketing | Helping Others Build Their Business | Digital Marketing

  • Chris Merkle

    Chris Merkle Founder, RAZUR

  • Jacob Nathan

    Jacob Nathan Creative Director, Artist & Repertoire - Fervor Records, Music Supervisor